Subproject 1: Datacenter's interaction with the national energy system

Subproject 2: Multifunctional data centers

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Subproject 3: Quality and credibility when simulating cooling in data centers

Subproject 4: Transient simulations of data center dynamic thermal management arrangements

Johannes Sjölund, Mattias Vesterlund, Nicolas Delbosc, Amirul Khan, and Jon Summers. (2018). Validated thermal air management simulations of data centers using remote graphics processing units, Proceedings of IECON-18, Washington DC, USA

Subproject 5: Evaluation of energy recovery solutions for data centers

Subproject 6: Design of distribution networks for energy efficient data center operations
K. M. U. Ahmed, J. Sutaria, M. H. J. Bollen and S. K. Rönnberg, “Electrical Energy Consumption Model of Internal Components in Data Centers”, IEEE PES Innovative smart grid technologies Europe (ISGT), Bucharest, September 2019

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Subproject 7: Data centers impact on the electricity market when the amount of renewable
electricity augment

M. Alvarez, P. De Oliveira, J. Zhong, ”Financial Incentives for Data Centers in Sweden”

Subproject 8: SimBerry - Flexible and large-scale simulation of interaction between district heating
and remote cooling networks and data centers

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Subproject 9: Proximity liquid cooling inside data centers for direct heat recovery 
Sebastian Fredriksson, Jonas Gustafsson, Daniel Olsson, Jeffrey Sarkinen, Alan Beresford, Matthew Kaufeler, Tor Björn Minde, and Jon Summers. (2019). Integrated thermal management of a 150kW pilot Open Compute Project style data center, Proceedings of INDIN 2019, Helsinki, Finland

Subproject 10: Automated maintenance of energy-efficient data centers
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Subproject 11: Resource efficiency in software processes and communication in data clouds
and data centers

Lara Jimenez and Olov Schelén. (2019). DOCMA: a Decentralized Orchestrator for Containerized Microservice Applications, Proceedings of IEEE Cloud Summit 2019, Washington DC, USA

Subproject 12: Resource efficiency in distributed ledgers and smart contracts
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