Process & Definition of pilot projects

Below is a description of the process when choosing and carrying through pilot projects withing Cloudberry.

1. Collection of ideas from researchers, companies
and others

2. Detailed description of the idea according to:

a. The first action item is to produce short project description
- Title and abstract
(e.g. short key objectives, state-of –the-art, and market need)
- Succession of deliverables
(e.g. survey, demo, paper, proof of concept)
- Names of people. Named industry person shall be involved from the start

b. Working methods:
The projects shall work incrementally and there will be regular progress presentations and discussions on partial results. So, we will arrange regular open status presentations.

3. First evaluation of CTO
a. Feedback from Innovation perspectives
b. Feedback from gender perspectives
c. Bring in the evaluator in the loop

4. Discussion and decision in the management team

5. Start of pilot project

6. Finalization and reporting