Pilot projects

At the moment, Cloudberry has initiated five pilots, listed below:

Meta data centers pilot
An architecture for automatic distribution of data and computation across different resources (underlying clouds or data centers), acting like a broker, placing computation and storage where it meets the requirements and is most resource efficient and inexpensive.
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Big data router for real-time analytics pilot
Distributed real-time data collection (e.g. business data from cash registers) to database in the cloud, with real-time analysis, follow-up and visualization.
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Efficient Internet-of-Things pilot
Efficient information centric collection, analysis and dissemination of IoT data in challenging environments.
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Data center infrastructure monitoring and automation pilot
Energy efficient operations of data center infrastructure, based on sensor data, trend analysis, visualization and decision support.
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Energy big data analytics pilot
Data from smart meters for analysis of consumer patterns and decision support for consumer peak shaving and for predictive power distribution.
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Mobile Cloud Computing for Smart City pilot
A general solution for so-called "cloudlets" that are close to the users, such as in base stations (Wifi or 4G) in homes, hospitals, road junctions to provide quality services with short delay.
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