Our network of partners is growing, as is the shared vision on the needs for, and opportunities with, greener and smarter datacenters and clouds.
Working across organizational borders, where people with different knowledge and experience work closely together, is not only more efficient and generates greater results - It is more inspiring and rewarding as well.

The partnership model has three levels:

1: Entry level
Open for all. You will receive information about Cloudberry to follow the progress.

2: Active level
Participating parties from SMEs, industry, public organizations, institutes, universities etc, sharing and contributing in pilot projects with knowledge and time.

3: Highest level
Long term core partner. Like level two, however, also contributing with time and financial support. Influence and member of the decision making process.

Note: In general SMEs contribute with their own time, in kind, no financial contribution.
Large companies, industry, contribute with their own time and financial support.

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