The Cloudberry Lab

The Cloudberry Lab has been set up to serve experiments carried out in our pilot projects and in some of our lab assignments in undergraduate and master´s level courses at Luleå University of technology. It is an open platform for researchers, industry partners, and students to learn, build and experiment with distributed systems and applications.

The lab is based on standard server hardware where we run Ubuntu, typically 14.04, and then OpenStack to provide sets of virtual machines for various projects. Some current projects include Docker container based virtualization. Beyond this basic setup, additional software installations are defined by individual projects. While an objective of the experimental systems naturally is to provide ubiquitous and location independent cloud services, the physical servers are currently distributed over LTU campuses.

For more information about the Cloudberry Lab, please contact:
Karl Andersson: or call +46 (0) 910-585364
Olov Schelen: or call +46 (0) 920-492237

For more information about OpenStack see:
Fore more information about Docker see: