About us

North Sweden offers a uniquely reliable and competitive environment for green datacenters.The region is instrumented by renewable energy, redundant broadband infrastructure, cool air and educated people. With headquarter in this dynamic region, Cloudberry supports, coordinates and integrates research, innovation, design and education activities in the area of green datacenters and cloud computing. The project benefits both the regional, national and international partners.

Purpose & Goals
The objectives of the project is to catalyze national growth by initiating an attractive and efficient environment for integrated education, research, design and innovation in the area of ​​resource-efficient large-scale and green handling of large volumes of data with a primary focus on cloud in datacenters.

Impact & Results
The following results are expected to be achieved to June 2015;
* Minimum three pilot projects implemented and evaluated
* Establishment of experimental lab environments for research and education
* Establishment of partnerships

Planned Structure & Implementation
The development of the center is based on four basic parts:
1)  Value creation
2)  Partnerships
3)  Functional principles
4)  Resources

The pilot projects, 6-9 months long, will be conducted to test the center's functions and for the early creation of value for participating partners.
The project is coordinated by Luleå University of Technology and the new center will be created and used jointly by partners from industry, universities, institutes and public administrations.
Primary functional region is the coastal area of Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

The picture shows the location of the Cloudberry headquarters in relation to Facebook's datacentre in Luleå, Sweden.

For futher information, please download our Cloudberry information leaflet below.

Cloudberry - is a rhizomatous herb native to alpine & arctic tundra and boreal forest. It occur naturally throughout the Northern Hemisphere from 55°N to 78°N. In Europe they grow in the Nordic countries and the Baltic states.